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Juneteenth, District 7 Council, and Vaccines

Photo by The Bethlehem Center

Happy Tuesday! This past weekend, our community joined together for multiple events across the city to celebrate the Juneteenth holiday. It was an honor to stand alongside my community in Alton Park for a unifying weekend of celebration. I also joined residents at the Community Haven and enjoyed the company of some wonderful music and community members. Thank you to everyone that organized and participated in Juneteenth events this past weekend.

Moving into the summer, I want to finalize the plans for our District 7 council. The District 7 Council is a collective of District 7 residents that will work together to communicate and address concerns, build a bridge between neighborhoods, and host the District 7 summit. The summit is a District wide event that will bring residents, resources, and businesses together to showcase the culture, products, and services within District 7. If you are interested in joining the District 7 council, visit to sign up or learn more.

This Saturday, June 26, we will be partnering with the American Family Care and The Bethlehem Center to host a vaccination event in Alton Park. From 12-3pm this Saturday, free vaccinations (Moderna and J&J (Janssen)) will be available at The Bethlehem Center located at 200 W 38th. St. No appointment is necessary, so just bring your ID or another form of identification. If you or someone you know is looking to get vaccinated, please share this information so that we can protect ourselves and our communities.

Whether it’s participating in Juneteenth celebrations, signing up for the District 7 council, or getting the COVID-19 vaccine, there are several ways to get involved. It takes all of us to build stronger communities.


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