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Doing More With Less: Budgeting for Outcomes

As the City of Chattanooga kicked off the FY22 Budgeting for Outcomes process, one thing was made very clear: we must Do More With Less.

With heavy fiscal hits due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the April tornado, Chattanooga has seen a decline in revenue that will impact our city for years to come. According to leadership, the city has seen a 3.2% or $8.4 million decrease in overall revenue which could reach upwards of $14 million in coming months. So, with declining revenue, how do we Do More With Less? How do we budget for outcomes in our key areas of:

  • Safer Streets

  • Stronger Neighborhoods

  • High performing Government

  • Smarter Students, Stronger Families

  • Growing Economy

We can Do More With Less by increasing efficiency, reallocating funds to priority areas, and most importantly by collaborating with community members and organizations to ensure that we are meeting the needs of our core.

The reality of our city is that many of us have been Doing More With Less for quite some time. Many Chattanoogans live on the bottom of the great wealth divide and must make ends meet as best they can. As a city government, ensuring that we are “break[ing] down the barriers that prevent people from living the life they want in our community” should be paramount during this budget process. That is why it is important that you provide your input about the budget. Your voice matters and can help shape the direction of the FY22 budget. Although the three virtual community engagement sessions are over, you can still provide your input here.

I am hopeful that the budget will be reflective of the needs of Chattanoogans and not just another empty gesture to placate the voices of the people.


Budgeting for Outcomes Website:

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