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Neighbor or Nuisance? Short Term Vacation Rentals

“Many municipalities also have started cracking down on rental platforms after studies have shown the influx of short-term rentals in U.S. cities has depleted the housing supply and increased the cost to rent or own a home.” - Chattanooga Times Free Press (2020)

Since 2009, the City of Chattanooga has been wading through the ever-increasing demand for short term vacation rentals. The need to regulate short term vacation rentals stems from a variety of concerns, from neighborhood safety to reduction in available housing stock. With density being a major priority for new development in the city core, it would seem that short term vacation rentals would be on the chopping block for now. I believe that more focus should be placed upon increasing our current housing stock with concentration on low-income and affordable housing.

Creating policies around short-term vacation rentals is paramount but must be driven by the voices of the community. Some neighborhoods may support the increasing demand while others oppose the idea of consistently having temporary neighbors. Focusing on community choice for short-term vacation rentals is the best direction, especially when it comes to non-owner occupied units.

Neighbor or Nuisance?

That depends on where you live.


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